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Since 1906

Who we are

Who we are

Fotocinema is a historic processing and printing lab where quality has always been the first priority over quantity.

Always at the state of the art with film Technology they now combine years of experience with the implementation of future technology in the video and post-production fields.

Our Story

Since 1906

Our history began way back in 1906, when cinematography was still in its embryonic phase. Felice Boschi, having moved to Lyon (France) began the arduous and challenging task of mastering the new art of processing and printing film. Having gained all the knowledge possible from hi French counterparts. Felice bravely decided to employ all of his professional skills to open his very own laboratory, Fotocinema. This new company's motto was both an impressive and ambitious one: "Quality not Quantity". Since the very beginning, this company philosophy and strength has never been compromised (see: l'Industria Cinematografica Italiana by L. Bizzarri & L. Solari, Parenti publishers, July 1958, pages 117, 118, 121, 122). In 1938, the company then made its leap and relocated to Rome in via Saluzzo n.16, fully taking advantage of this opportunity to strengthen and augment its already established technical and qualitative excellence even further, by investing in the latest and most advanced equipment available. In turn, with the cinema industry now growing at a spectacular rate, led to Fotocinema to established itself as one of the leading and most cutting edge laboratories in the world, resulting in its proliferation as a point of reference both within the Italian sector and the International industry. However, Fotocinema realized that after almost forty years of consistent growth and innovation, the company now required more space and an improved infrastructure. In 1974, Fotocinema mode to its present location in via di Sant'Erasmo n.2, Rome. Handed down from generation to generation, Fotocinema has always employed the best technicians and moreover, has always conferred a spirit of constant innovation and investment not only in equipment and people but also in techniques and technology, actively aiding the push for ever better quality. Today, the laboratory is complete and boasts the ability to cover and provide an unparalleled service slate. From the most traditional cinematic fundamentals like S8mm - S/16mm . S/35mm to the most advanced next generation digital expressionism, be they as simple or as sophisticated as you like, from Standard Definition to High Definition and even reaching toad's most flexible digital potential, 2K and 4K data, Fotocinema has both the possibility and the expertise to exploit all areas of cinematographic technology. It is therefore with great pride and pleasure that Fotocinema has been given the honor of living out all phases in the evolution of film: from the first black and with film processed by hand in wooden chassis, to present day High Definition, leading to the first formulation of chemical processes for processing D.I. (Digital Intermediate) - Fotocinema continues with its now century old philosophy of always improving its Quality, and reaching the highest standards possibles.

Fotocinema S.r.l.


Fotocinema S.r.l.

Near the historic center,
in the beautiful setting of a former convent


Since 1906

The pioneers in the development
and printing film in Italy.


Always at the forefront

Machinery and equipment
of the latest generation in all fields.


Experts in the field

A team of professionals
with years of experience.



  • Processing of negative and positive, color and black-white, in 16/S16/35/S35
  • Processing of 16/35 mm optical sound negative
  • Multiple prints for film, trailers and advertising spots with sound (Dolby SR,SRD,DTS,SDDS)
  • Modular Printer 6123RL, dry and wet-gate printing
  • Wet-gate printing, contact prints and optical prints, in 16mm/S16mm/35mm/S35mm, of color and black-white positive and dupe-negatives
  • Negative cutting (including A/B), using positive work prints or videocassettes accompanied by cut-list.
  • Various services, flatbed moviolas, etc...


  • Cinema projectors spedd variable, 16mm-S16mm-35mm-S35mm
  • Audio: Dolby SR-SRD-DTS-SDDS and separate magnetic 16mm e 35mm
  • Panasonic Projector mod. PT-L 6500EL XGA 3.600 a.l.
  • Projections, live from Telecine in all sizes and from tape HD, DTV, Digital Betacam, IMX, DVCPro 50, Betacam SX, Betacam SP, DVCPro 25, DVCam, MiniDV, VHS
  • Nec DLP Projections for visione Dcp-software Doremì-hardware CineAsset


  • Positive and negative film restoration with regeneration treatment of the film's base
  • New Lipsner Smith CF 8200 Ultrasonic washer using 3M HFE 8200 solvent
  • Washing in solvent for positive prints
  • Ultrasonic washing in solvent (Lipsner Smith) dor 16mm and 35mm negative
  • Regeneration treatment of the film emulsion


  • Spirit Telecine 2K/ HDTV 4:4:4 /SDTV in all formats (16/s16/35/s35)
  • 8MM S8MM Telecine HDTV Shadow Telecinema
  • HD Telecine (1920x1080) formats S35mm, 35mm, S16mm, 16mm, 6 Sector Color Processor, Image Rotation 360°, Vista Vision Extension 35mm 2-Perf, 3-Perf e 4-Perf/35mm 8-Perf (Vista Vision) film format/35mm 6-Perf (Cinerama) film format
  • ColorCorrection Room 2k : Lustre AutoDesk - independent resolution 4k/2k/HD/FileRed/File Alexa
  • HD Tape to Tape with Lustre / Pogle Magadef
  • Digital Tape to Tape with Color Corrector Da Vinci Reinassance 8:8:8 con: Power Windows, Edwin, YSFX, Monitor Sony 24" in HD/SD


  • Online Editing suite with Avid Simphony Universal
  • Graphics Room Nitris DS resolution independent + Mac Pro Os x Workstation (FinalCutProX-Reversal in File ProRes 422 hq)
  • Editing suite composing DVS - clipster in SD - HD - 2K
  • Broadcast quality players/recorders, HDCam, Digital Betacam, Betacam IMX, Betacam SX, Betacam SP, DVCPRO/HD100MB, DVCPRO50MB, DVCPRO25MB, Sony HDCamSR, Panasonic D5
  • All the facilities for post-syncronization and tape duplication


  • Spirit 2K
  • HD 2K in DVS acquisition with Clipster and Combustion applications
  • Pogle Megadef 2k HD SDI


  • Sony SRW-5800 HDCAM SR 4:4:4
  • Sony Digital Betacam
  • Sony IMX
  • Sony Betacam SP
  • Panasonic D5HD
  • Panasonic DVCPRO
  • Sony DVCAM
  • LTO-6


  • Diamant HS-Art Resolution Independent, to elimination graphic lines, pinholing, blemishes and unwanted objects photographed


  • 8 mm - S8 mm – 16 mm - S16 mm – 9,5 mm (Pathè) 35 mm - S35 mm (2p/3p)


  • ARRILASER Performance 2k-4k resolution Laser Film Recorder for 35 cine film.


  • Tele scanner HD/2K - Editing; conforming




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